Mariner 2 Bolt Pillow Block Setscrew Lock

Cost effective stainless steel bearings so you can weather any storm.

Count on it.


Dealing with the damaging effects of washdowns and moisture?

Mariner with Lubrilife – our comprehensive lubrication system – retains both factory seals and flingers, which help prevent the damage and corrosion that require stoppages or result in product losses caused by daily washdowns.

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Our corrosion-resistant quality creates practical value for you.

Mariner Bearings combine engineering best practices with the performance and durability of stainless steel to create lasting value in even the most corrosive applications. Our dedication to the highest quality standards make Mariner the best choice for your needs.

Mariner Quality Features

Mariner All Stainless Mounted Bearings

Solid base designs eliminate crevices where contaminants can hide, and add strength over comparable products without a solid base.

All stainless composition including housing, bearing race, ball, and flinger components.

Food Grade Grease is standard in all Mariner Bearings.

Anti-rotation outer rings to allow alignment correction without internal binding for longer bearing life.

Investment Cast Housings creating a smoother finish that is stronger and more durable than plastic, and allows for more effective wash-downs.

100% Food Grade Silicone Seals to withstand higher operating temperatures than standard nitrile seals.

External Flinger to prevent seal damage from frequent washdowns and repels contaminants away from internal components.

Machined for End Caps making it easy to adapt our components to your application.

Put the cost-effective all-stainless durability of Mariner to work for you.

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Mariner makes it easy to step up to all-stainless.

Need a solution quickly? Mariner Bearings are readily available to help you weather the storm. Questions about your application? The resources below will help you find the answers you need to put Mariner to work for you.