Mariner 2 Bolt Pillow Block Setscrew Lock

Corrosion-Resistant Quality. Lasting Productivity.

Mariner Mounted Bearings

Wash down with confidence.

Entirely stainless and fully corrosion resistant, Mariner mounted bearings meet the needs of the toughest applications.

What makes mariner mounted bearings different?

Mariner 2 Bolt Pillow Block Setscrew Lock

Pillow Blocks

Mariner Tapped Base

Tapped-Base Pillow Blocks

MRN SUCFT207-20 2 Bolt Flange Block Setscrew Lock

2-Bolt Flange Blocks

Mariner 4 bolt Flange Block Eccentric Lock

4-Bolt Flange Blocks

Mariner SUCFB207-23 3 Bolt Flange Bracket Setscrew Lock

Flange Brackets

Mariner Take-Up Unit Wide Inner Ring

Take-Up Units

All-Stainless Composition rather than the nickel-coated or plastic composite construction used by other manufacturers.

Increased Durability and Corrosion Resistance at a competitive price.

Inch & Metric Bores for use in a variety of applications.

Availability across a variety of bearing sizes and styles.

Looking for a specific all-stainless mounted bearing? Download our listing of available styles and types.

Put the cost-effective all-stainless durability of Mariner to work for you.

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Mariner makes it easy to step up to all-stainless.

Need a solution quickly? Mariner Bearings are readily available to help you weather the storm. Questions about your application? The resources below will help you find the answers you need to put Mariner to work for you.